Check out the Luxurious Interior of the Volvo S90

The Volvo brand has always been known for its reliability, but it is now known for the luxury nature of the driving experience. Here at Darrell Waltrip Volvo, we are sure you will enjoy driving around Franklin in the most opulent and safe way possible in the Volvo S90.

Beneath the panoramic moonroof, the premium leather seating for five is accompanied by a stunning level of technology that makes driving a pleasure. Along with the clear digital display that makes every aspect of driving a little easier, the center of the dashboard is taken up by a nine-inch touchscreen device that is easy to read and enjoy. The anti-glare coating applied to the infotainment center avoids one of the common problems many drivers struggle with as they travel.

Accessibility is key to enjoying your Volvo S90 with the available app meaning you don't have to be set in the spacious interior to start your car and control the inside environment.


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