Auto Dimming Mirrors Could Make Driving Safer

At Darrell Waltrip Volvo, we want to make sure our customers are familiar with the many safety features that are available to help keep them safe while driving. Everyone wants to drive with peace of mind that their family is safe. One of the biggest hazards on highways is the glare that comes from the lights of other drivers. The headlights of other drivers can shine into your side mirrors or rearview mirror and make it hard to see.

Many vehicles are now equipped with auto-dimming mirrors. The mirrors detect bright lights and dim to prevent the glare from interfering with the driver’s vision. Sensors inside the mirrors can detect bright lights and automatically dim the mirrors, so the amount of light reflected is reduced. The technology used to do this is called electrochromics. It uses electricity to tint the glass when the sensors identify bright lights.

If you want to keep your family safe while driving in Franklin, TN, consider buying a vehicle with this feature.


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