Don't let the beautiful design and sophisticated finishes on the Volvo XC90 fool you into believing that this luxury SUV can't handle rough roads. It's a solidly-built vehicle that's available with a powerful all-wheel-drive system.

You can get many XC90 models with all-wheel-drive at Darrell Waltrip Volvo Cars in Franklin, TN. These builds have a unique electronic management system that can keep you safe in a variety of driving situations. Called the Instant Traction system, this feature keeps an eye out on how the SUV is performing each time you drive. It takes a look at the speed of the wheels, how the brakes are being used, power levels coming from the engine, and more.

This information is then used to take immediate action if something goes awry. For example, if you drive over a wet road, more torque is sent to the wheels with the most grip. In the event that a tire loses traction completely, the power going to that wheel is redirected to the remaining wheels to keep the SUV stable.

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