Safety First in the Volvo S60

The primary purpose of an automobile is to get you and any other passenger from one point to another safely. Some vehicles, such as the popular luxury Volvo S60 sedan, are built with added safety features that truly help you out on the road. Those of us at Darrell Waltrip Volvo appreciate a well-built vehicle.

Practicality is important when it comes to safety features. The Swedish automakers didn't mess around when it comes to an abundance of standard safety features. Forward automatic emergency braking will brake on its own if need be. It is a nice safety valve for those times when your reaction time would be too slow to brake.

Another useful standard safety feature is the pedestrian detection system. We have all been in a situation on the roads where seeing has been difficult. Alerts like pedestrian detection make it easy. Other standard features are a rearview camera and forward-collision warning among others. Take a test drive through Franklin today.


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