Road Trip Tips for the Spring

While you're traveling on the road in the springtime, keep in mind that there will likely be more people on the road on vehicles that you might not be able to see. Stay aware of motorcycles and even people on bikes as they are often harder to see than other cars. You should also remain aware of people walking on sidewalks and along the sides of the road while on your trip.

The spring season sometimes means taking medications for allergies. Keep in mind that some of these medications can make you drowsy. If you know that you need to take medications of this nature before driving, then consider letting someone else behind the wheel.

After cold temperatures and frozen precipitation, there could be more potholes on the road in any city. Avoid driving over potholes as they could result in an issue with the alignment of your vehicle. If you notice that your car begins pulling to one side or the other after hitting a pothole, then Darrell Waltrip Volvo Cars can check it to determine if there is a significant issue.



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