Nancy & Ty Osman


​In March of 2012 Ty and Nancy Osman faced the unthinkable when they lost their son Ty. Ty Osman II had a heart for helping others and was a light to everyone around him. Even in his passing he was a gift to many as an organ donor. "After he passed we heard so many stories about how just his regular kindness effected people," shared Ty Jr.'s mother Nancy. "How his smiling and everyday manor made people feel special, and feel loved and seen. So that's part of what our foundation wants to do, to just extend kindness to other people that are less fortunate and to inspire them to do good and seek God in their life. There have been days where we've wanted to have a pity party but God always sends something to let us know he's still there and that carries us through." In honor of the Osman's inspiring story of how they have turned their tragedy into a blessing for so many and in support of the work they continue to do with the Ty2 Foundation they were honored as Darrell Waltrip Automotive Hometown Heroes.
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